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Bang the Drum Productions, a music event production company is currently producing a series of hosted, one hour-long music shows, to be titled The Bridge, featuring music from the "World" and "Latin" music genres. The entire series, approximately 15 shows in total, is to be filmed live for an intended television audience and will feature a mixture of established internationally acclaimed and newer artists (or bands) on the rise.  Of the 15 shows, 10 to 12 will be filmed at our "home" venue while the remaining shows are to be presented "live" via video streaming from a guest artist's home country.

Bang the Drum Productions, una compañía que se ocupa de la producción de eventos musicales, está produciendo, actualmente, algunos espectáculos de una hora, cuyo título es: The Bridge (El Puente), en los cuales se presenta música del “Mundo” y géneros de música “Latina.” La serie completa consta, aproximadamente, de 15 espectáculos y se rodará en vivo para una audiencia televisiva, presentando una mezcla de artistas (o grupos) establecidos y apreciados internacionalmente y también artistas (o grupos) más recientes, en su fase ascendente. De entre los 15 espectáculos: 10 o 12 se rodarán en nuestra área “local”, mientras los restantes se presentarán “en vivo”, transmitiéndolos por  vídeo, desde el país de origen del artista invitado.

The show is titled "The Bridge" as it best represents our desire to use music as a vehicle to "bridge" cultures and borders.

El espectáculo se llama “El Puente” por representar la música como vehículo que lanza un “puente” entre culturas y fronteras.

The show will be hosted by Lonnie Jordan, co-founding member of the Rock &Roll Hall of Fame twice-nominated legendary music band WAR. WAR created a hybrid category when it became the first band to merge rock, funk, jazz and Latin music. Over the years, WAR has garnered 17 gold, platinum or multi-platinum awards and with hits like Low Rider, Why Can't We Be Friends, Slippin' Into Darkness, The Cisco Kid and The World Is A Ghetto, has had its hits covered and/or sampled by too many artists to count; rappers, R & B, and rock artists alike. Its music has been featured in films, TV network sitcoms and television commercials.

El anfitrión del espectáculo es Lonnie Jordan, miembro co-fundador del legendario grupo musical WAR que por dos veces fue nominado en el Rock&Roll Hall of Fame. WAR ha creado una categoría híbrida, habiendo sido el primer grupo en fundir rock, funk, jazz y música latina. A lo largo de los años WAR ha reunido 17 premios de oro, platino y multiplatino; además sus éxitos como Low Rider, Why Can’t We Be Friends, Slippin’into Darkness, The Cisco Kid y The World is a Ghetto, han sido cantados por un sinnúmero de artistas, incluyendo raperos, R&B y roqueros. Su música se ha destacado en películas, comedias televisivas y publicidades.

The  chosen venue is downtown Los Angeles' Mayan Theatre, also known as Club Mayan (, built in 1927 and capable of holding an audience of approximately 300 on the theatre floor with additional 300 in the upstairs balcony. Its design and floor plan will offer our show to those in attendance, as well as the television audience, a very intimate setting in which to enjoy truly great musical performances.

El lugar escogido es el Mayan Theatre en el centro de Los Angeles, conocido, también, como Club Mayan ( Fue construido en 1927 y tiene la capacidad de acoger una audiencia de casi 300 personas en la platea y otros 300 en el palco. Su arquitectura y estructura ofrecerán a los participantes y también a quienes miren el espectáculo en televisión, un ambiente muy íntimo para gozar representaciones musicales verdaderamente grandiosas.        


Lonnie Jordan
Lonnie Jordan

At this time Bang the Drum Productions welcomes any parties interested in sponsoring or co-sponsoring The Bridge.

The venue will have a number of spaces for official advertisements plus a scope of further advertising in the form of informal souvenirs. As mentioned, it is our intention to "sell" our series to a US-based television network (i.e.,  Telemundo, Univision, CBS, NBC, ABC, A & E, etc.) as well as other internationally based outlets.

Though our series will appeal to a culturally diverse audience, we are certain the largest ethnic group will, in all likelihood, be Spanish speaking. With that in mind, the 10th annual Latin Grammy Awards was broadcast to more than 100 countries generating 12.8 million viewers in the US and over 80 million viewers worldwide. The show delivered an audience that ranged in age from 12 to 49 years. The total viewership numbers for the WORLD MUSIC AWARDS are similar to those of the Latin Grammys.




The Bridge will provide Show sponsors one-of-a-kind opportunities to personalize and "own" a key element of the show while simultaneously connecting with industry professionals and music lovers from around the world.


There is also an opportunity for multi-year sponsorship agreements. These agreements assure sponsors that continued participation will act as building blocks in their overall strategy to build greater brand awareness and increase profitability.




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(Based on televised Latin Grammy awards numbers/results, source: The Nielson Company 11/05/2009)


  • 12.8 MILLION viewers watched all or part (2009) in the US alone
  • 92 MILLION worldwide
  • Delivered an average audience of 6.0 MILLION
  • Total viewers 2+
  • 3.5 MILLION Adults 18-49
  • 2.0 MILLION Adults 18-34
  • 2.3 MILLION Persons 12-34


Latinos wield increasing power at the box office as they are the fastest growing segment of the population. As it applies to moviegoers, they go to movies more than any other ethnic group (source: The Hollywood Reporter 1/26/2011). According to the US Census Bureau, there were 48.4 million Hispanics living in the US in 2009. If projections hold, by 2050, 30% (132.8 MILLION) of the population will be Hispanic or spanish speaking.


For additional information regarding sponsorship opportunities, please contact:


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